Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a very common problem. I’ve seen men as young as 25 with very low levels of testosterone. If one has low testosterone, it not only impacts your quality of life but it increases your risk of heart disease and osteoporosis: a decrease in bone density. If one has low libido, fatigue, decreased ability to have an erection, decreased pleasure, depression, apathy, and/or joint pains a low testosterone level may be the cause. A blood test for FREE testosterone is important. I emphasize “FREE” because most doctors only get a “TOTAL” testosterone. That doesn’t give you accurate information. One also needs an estradiol level. Oddly enough, testosterone converts to estradiol; or estrogen. A high estradiol level can lead to the same symptoms as low testosterone. Most doctors don’t know this and don’t check.

There is a concern about testosterone replacement and prostate cancer. Please check this link for a great discussion of this.


In my opinion testosterone replacement is safe and effective. I should know… I’m taking it.

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