I founded The Rejuvenation Clinic in 1997 after working 10 years at The Portland Clinic. During my time at The Portland Clinic I saw an increasing number of patients with relatively new conditions like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also saw many people with more common conditions (Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, PMS, Menopause) that were either not getting better with the treatments of modern medicine or were having significant side effects. I became increasingly aware of the limitations of the therapies my colleagues and I were using. Frustrated with the results, or lack thereof, I starting looking for other ways to treat my patients more effectively.

I started going to Functional Medicine conferences led by physician researchers from Harvard, UCLA, and numerous other universities. These researchers were uncovering the biochemical basis of these conditions that were failing to respond to “mainstream” medicine.. Their research was uncovering biochemical pathways that were not FUNCTIONING well. Thus a new specialty was born, Functional Medicine; a specialty that included mainstream therapies as well as innovative Integrative Medicine therapies.

I became a specialist in this new discipline. As a Functional and Integrative Medicine Specialist I now looks for the abnormal biochemical pathways that “connect the dots” of seemingly disparate symptoms. Connecting these dots and getting to the heart of the problem requires much more time than the average physician has to spend with his patients. In my small, private clinic, I am able to spend the time needed to investigate and solve these complicated conditions. I use a wide variety of therapies to improve the biochemical pathways that aren’t functioning well; ranging from traditional medicine prescriptions to cutting edge supplements and bioidentical hormones.

My goal, get to heart of the problem.

My mission, to help my patients gain optimal, vibrant health.